Please contact us if you have any questions that aren't covered in this FAQ

Q. Can I get a state quarter ring in a different year?

A. Unfortunately, the state quarters were each only minted once. There is no way to choose different years. Please reference this chart for mint years: Quarter List

Q. Can I get a ring made from my own coin?

A. Absolutely!  However, there are some limitations as what will work correctly. Size, type of metal, and design are all crucial.  Please send us a message with the coin you'd like to use to find out how well it will work.

Q. Are the quarter rings available in sizes larger than 9.5?
A. Unfortunately, the quarters will only work well for smaller ring sizes. The largest that they can be safely stretched is a size 9.5. Trying to stretch the metal further usually causes the metal to fail (warping or splitting).

Q. What is the best way to measure my ring size?

A. The best way to get your ring size is to visit a jeweler. They should provide sizing services free of charge. Keep in mind that ring sizes can fluctuate around half a size throughout the day and possibly more between seasons. It's a good idea to take your measurement a few times to find the most accurate fit.

Q. How do I convert my size to a US ring size?

A. You can reference our ring size conversion chart here:  Conversion Chart

Q. Will the ring turn my finger green?

A. Maybe.  It depends on your skin type as well as the type of metal used in the coin.  Most of our non-precious metal coin rings are coated in a sealant that will help for a time, but due to the wear and tear that rings go through, this coating will eventually wear off.  If you have sensitive skin we recommend having the ring made from a silver proof coin.

Q. How long will the protective coating last?

A. It depends entirely on how well the ring is cared for.  ​

Q. Can my ring be resealed if the coating is coming off?

A. It can easily be resealed at any time.  We recommend a product called ProtectAClear http://www.everbritecoatings.com

Q. Is there an easy way to remove the ring's sealant?

A. The sealant can be removed with Denatured Alcohol.

Q. How do the magnetic bottle openers mount to the wall?

A. They are designed to be mounted either magnetically to a fridge or to a wall using provided screws. If mounting to the wall, the opener should preferably be mounted to a stud.  The opener can be mounted to drywall if the proper anchors are used (not included).  Click PDF for installation details: Installation Instructions