How to make a coin ring

Coin rings are a great way to commemorate a special time or place!  This guide shows the basic steps that we use to make our coin rings.  You only need a few items to get started – a drill press, propane torch, ring mandrel(s), hammer(s), and a coin.  Be warned, the process is deceptively simple.  The things you will need the most are practice and patience.

Our 'How to make a coin ring' guide went viral when it was first posted almost a decade ago.  Since then, a small industry has emerged.  There are now a number of new tools and methods available for making coin rings.  These tools can help make the process faster and more accessible.  We still use the method shown below because we find that it offers the most control over the shaping process.   

We hope your found our guide on ‘How to make a coin ring’ useful!   Check out our handcrafted Coin Rings for more inspiration.

Step 1:

Find the coin that you want to use.  Quarters are probably the easiest to start with.

Step 2:

Align the coin so that the hole will be perfectly centered.  The ring will be difficult to shape if the hole is off-centered.

Step 3:

Clamp down the coin so that it won't move during drilling.

Step 4:

Drill the hole and then check that the hole is centered.  Use calipers if possible.

Step 5:

Anneal the metal so that it's easy to work with.

Step 6:

It should look like a black washer after it has cooled down.

Step 7:

Begin hammering on a mandrel.

Step 8:

Hammering the coin until it starts to form a ring shape.  This part of the process requires practice.  It can take hundreds of rings to get the technique just right.

Step 9:

After a while, you should end up with something like this.

Step 10:

Continue to apply heat and hammer until you get the size/shape that you want.  Polish off hammer marks or damage to the edge of the ring.

Step 11:

The second hardest part of the process: polishing it without losing the details.

Step 12:

Enjoy your finished ring!

We hope your found our guide on ‘How to make a coin ring’ useful! 
Check out our handcrafted Coin Rings for more inspiration.