How to make a magnetic bottle opener

Important note:  Magnet works best with a pull force of 60-120#.  This is very powerful and requires extreme care.    

Collect some necessary items.  Some general woodworking equipment is also needed (Drill, saw, etc.).  

Plane your wood to your desired thickness. It's important to use a dense hardwood for durability.  The wood should have a moisture content ~10% - measure if uncertain.  

Rip your board to your desired width.

Crosscut your board to your desired length.

Round your edges with a router if avialable.  

Rough sand with a benchtop sander if available.  We will do fine sanding by hand later in the project.

Mark your holes for drilling.

Drill pilot holes where the opener will mount to the wood.  

Drill the hole where you will mount your magnet.  Be careful to not drill all of the way through!  This is easiest with a drill press.

Glue the magnet into the board.

Get out your fine grit sandpaper and hand sand - and sand - and sand.  When you are finished sanding - sand some more.

Coat your opener with a protectant of your choice (lacquer, poly, etc).  We like to keep our openers simple and organic.  We coat them with some local beeswax.  

If you choose to use beeswax, you will need to melt it before applying.  This will leave a beautiful warm glow on the wood.

Now we're ready to mount the opener.

Here is our finished CapCollector.  This one was made from a piece of oak that was reclaimed from a tree that fell in a 2004 hurricane.  

Here is a shot of the back.  We cover ours with cork.

The opener is now ready for use!  Attach it to a fridge or mount it to the wall and grab a beer!

Never worry about stray caps again!

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