Why coin rings?

I made my first coin ring because I wanted a special handmade engagement ring (my girl is very special, store bought just won't do). I managed to create a smooth silver ring with a hammer, a silver coin, and a lot of patience.

Seeing people admire this ring sparked my interest.  I decided to try to make a coin ring without ruining the coin's details.  It took some trial and error, some failed attempts, and a bit of frustration, but I finally got my first double-sided coin ring.  After showing it to a few friends, one of them convinced me that I should start selling them.  We hope you enjoy our rings!  Click the link below to see how we make our rings:

Making magnetic bottle opener

Why bottle openers?

We love beer – that's really all there is to it!  We love trying new beers and brewing our own.  We are proud to say that beer drinking is part of the ring making process, generally towards the end of the work day.

As in most households, our bottle opener used to live in a drawer in a kitchen. Now we have bottle openers in the workshop, in the kitchen, and in the office. The CapCollector magnetic bottle opener makes drinking a breeze and eliminates stray caps. Plus, we use wood that is salvaged, river rescued, or harvested from sustainable growing operations.  We hope you enjoy our CapCollectors!  Click the link below to see how they are made:

Materials needed to make magnetic bottle opener