Chinese Takeout Coasters – Patent Drawings – Set of 4


Chinese Takeout Coasters

These Chinese takeout coasters feature the original patent drawings for the iconic takeout paper container.  The patent was filed over a hundred years ago by Frederick Weeks Wilcox from Chicago, IL. In the application, Wilcox writes, “the objects of my improvement are, to produce from a single piece of paper or any foldable material, a pail whose inner walls are plain and unbroken by folds, creases or projections, and thus not liable to catch or withhold a fluid or other contents on being emptied.

It was also called an oyster pail at a time when oysters were popular but dangerous to open at home. The unbroken folds made the slightly opened oysters easier to carry home. The paper pail was also used to transport honey.

However, the Chinese takeout container is not common in China!

• The coasters are 4″ in diameter and 1/4″ thick.
• The cork is absorbent, heat-resistent, and eco-friendly.
• Each coaster features an original patent drawing from the 1800’s.
• Set of 4 Chinese Takeout Patent coasters / 1 of each drawing.

Cork Coasters

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