Silver Care Tips


Silver is beautiful but it does require special care.  Here are a few quick tips for long lasting silver jewelry:

Avoid Abrasion:  Silver is a relatively soft metal so it's extremely important to avoid abrasion.  This is especially true for silver state quarters which have relatively flat text (it will wear down quickly if you are not careful).  There are many daily activities that will scratch and slowly wear down metal – household chores, exercising, gardening, even something as simple as fishing in your pocket for keys.

Cleaning/Polish: Improper cleaning/polishing can quickly remove metal and will damage the ring's patina.  Professional silver cleaning products can be damaging and should be avoided.    We recommend washing with a gentle dish soap and your hands.  Pat dry with a soft cloth (do not rub with paper towel or tissues, they contain wood fibers that will damage the finish).

Keep It Dry:  Chemicals and contaminants in water can result in tarnished and dull looking silver.  It's best to keep your ring as dry as possible.

Avoid Chemicals:  It's very important to avoid chemicals like chlorine, bleach, sanitizers, lotions, etc. There are many chemicals that will tarnish silver. You should also avoid contact with acidic items (lemons, vinegar, etc) as well as sulfur (eggs, onions, etc).

Storage:  Store the ring individually in an air-tight container to help minimize oxidation.  You can include a silica gel packet or anti-tarnish strip for extra protection.

*Silver is recommended to be the last thing you put on and first thing you take off.